The Great Next
An online booking portal for adventure travel trips and activities.
The great next an online booking portal for adventure travel trips and activities.

Information Architecture, UX / UI design, prototyping, iconography, brand identity.


- Responsive online travel booking portal

- Brand identity: logo, color palettes, iconography, brand guidelines

Task at Hand:

- Redesign the website with a focus on SEO which would in turn result in higher organic sales for the company.

- Reduce dropouts during the booking process on mobile and increase conversions.

- In an already crowded space make the website and brand stand out amongst the competition.

Homepage designed with a focus on SEO.

Highlights of SEO features incorporated:

Included a content placeholder to add Keyword-rich content on the page under
the H1 tag.
Top categories and links to all the pages which the business wanted to rank on add in a mega menu in the header to allow google crawlers to access them.
Listing of popular categories with cross-links to subcategory pages the business wanted to rank on on google.
Popular trips displayed in tabs for popular states to help cross linking for  individual
trip pages.
Blog articles section added to the home page in an attempt to add more relevant content on the pages as well as cross-linking.
Use of a plugin to collate reviews from google and social platforms to act as social proofing.

Multi-Select Search Engine which gives the user the flexibility to select multiple activities, destinations & dates. :

Mobile responsive website

- Bottom navigation bar to make important actions easily reachable for the user.

- Added an option to checkout as a guest, removing the earlier flow which required the user to register their account to proceed with a booking.
 This was done to reduce dropouts during check out thus increasing conversion on mobile.

- Full screen search page

Brand Identity

In an already crowed space we created a distinctive brand identity for the website both visually and functionally
so that it could stand out from the rest of the competition.